How to upload video to YouTube like a pro?

Now, you find your way to create a channel on Youtube, and you want to upload videos to it from your device, very well then.

To upload your video, you go to your channel like this and click on “Upload Video”

Or click on the icon on the top bar, then select what you are planning to do, uploading a video or live stream, let’s assume you will upload a test video, then in that case you click on “Upload video”.

Both will go to the same page anyway, well – you will see the new upgraded upload popup page.

Select the file from your computer or just drag and drop the file to this window.

This what will appear when you upload the new video, a lot of options indeed but let’s go through each option of those.

After finishing uploading the file, the thumbnail option will start to appear, in case you are uploading a huge file, then you may proceed to the other options until it’s done then you go back to this step again to select your final thumbnail.

Start with the details, select your pure and simple title that declare the content of this new video.

Put a description for your your video like references or links to buy the product your are promoting or whatever.

In case your video is fully uploaded, then you will find this option started to appear, so you can select whatever the thumbnail which start for youtube users when they search on google or youtube, so it represent your content, so select what represent the best, also you may click on “Upload thumbnail” to add a new custom thumbnail by your own which is really recommended.

btw, we are using a test video so all thumbnails seems the same : )

This option is great for bringing your audience to multiple or series of videos created from your channel, to keep your audience navigating through your content swiftly.

Make sure that if this video is made for kids, then you have to comply with the Children’s online privacy protection act COPPA.

You will need to determine the age restriction (optional)

In case your channel is promoting a specific product from time to time, then when the time comes and you are promoting a product in your video content, then select the first option “My video contains paid promotion like a product placement or endorsement”, the promotion doesn’t have to be a link, but your words or as well within the video content that drive users to buy a specific item from somewhere.

Insert the tags that represent your content, if food then put the name of the food, and other names for it, it’s ingredients and etc..etc

Select the language of your video and subtitle if needed, as per caption certification, as per youtube they say the below:

If your content appeared on U.S. television on or after September 30, 2012, it might require closed captions. This is a requirement from the Federal Communications Commission. If your video doesn’t require closed captions, select the reason why.

If this was from the past, as a recorded video you may select the where and when this video was taken.

Select the licence for this video to protect your copyrights, also by selecting “Publish to subscriptions feed and notify subscribers” means once you upload the video, it will go viral to your audience to their emails, push notification and all that you have uploaded a new video.

The category that this video belongs to.

Enable or disable comments, also if enables you may select the default order of the comments by the most liked or by recent, Top is recommended anyway.


  • Make sure your video is unique
  • The title and description is important, so consider using catching keywords that represent your video content
  • Thumbnail is highly considered to your potential audience, so try many options as a different designs then will see what your audience like.