How to share screen on zoom?

In this post you will learn how easily you can share your screen using zoom meeting (

During your meeting on zoom, you will have a screen like this:

Click on the “Share Screen” green button below, then this window will start to appear with all the other applications and your desktop.

Select any of your application you wants to share, also you may check a specific software on your computer to share by selecting it’s icon from the “Files” tab like this.

In case you are sharing an audio or video file from your computer after selecting your application or desktop, so other members in the meeting can hear what you hear too, then click on “Share computer sound” before you click the “Share” button.

Then once all set, click on “Share” button to start.

Now, you started to share your screen and everyone in the meeting room can see your screen like this.

You have 3 options now during or after the meeting is over (or your turn within the meeting for sharing your presentation or content).

You can click on “Stop share” the red button, to end your sharing session, or you can pause the session by clicking on “Pause share”

In case you want to proceed further with another material, click on “New share”, to start selecting a new application or material from your desktop to start all over again.

Hope it helps, Enjoy!